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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling
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According to natural medicine, the condition of the oral cavity is a reflection of a person's overall health. The tongue is associated with many organs by meridians. Fogging, also known as oil pulling, is an effective method of detoxifying the oral cavity and the whole body. Oil pulling was already used in Ayurveda. It consists of pulling the oil (1 teaspoon) in the mouth for 20 minutes (at the beginning we can glaze for 5 minutes and gradually extend the time). In Indian tradition, it was part of everyday life and provided natural oral hygiene. Archaeological research shows that our ancestors had healthy, strong teeth until a late age. Each culture had its own way of protecting teeth.
Therapeutic effects of fogging:
- Helps to stop receding gums
- Removes bad breath
- Reduces inflammation
- Strengthens the gums and cures their bleeding
- Heals cracked lips
- Starts the immune system
- White tooth enamel
- It removes toxins and generally detoxifies the body
- Releases clogged cavities
There are 21 scientific studies demonstrating the positive effects of fogging. In modern medicine, his supporters are Dr. Karach and Dr. Malachov.
How does it work?
During oil pulling, enzymes are activated in the mouth that are able to draw fungi, toxins, heavy metals, and other microorganisms into the oil. These are extracted from the oral cavity and bloodstream. It is necessary to perform the oil pulling during a period of 20 minutes, as it takes approximately this amount of time for the blood to be pumped from the whole body through the oral cavity. This detoxifies the whole organism. Oil pulling creates antioxidants that damage the cell wall of microorganisms and kill them. The oil attracts the lipid layer of the bacterial cell membranes and causes them to be drawn into the oil. The oil covers the teeth and gums and suppresses the growth of bacteria and plaque formation. In this way, the bacteria forming the coatings responsible for tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, and bad breath are removed from the oral cavity. The gums are pink, healthier and the problems with bleeding gums are solved. Oil pulling also helps to resolve the symptoms of dry mouth and throat as well as cracked lips. Teeth are whiter, breath fresher, muscles, and jaws of the oral cavity become stronger. Fogging of the oil prevents the formation of tooth decay, gingivitis, oral periodontitis and helps reduce toothache, fixes moving teeth, and achieves strong oral hygiene.
How to do it?
- Take one to two teaspoons of oil (coconut or sesame)
- Oil in the mouth for 20 minutes
- Do not swallow the oil, but spit it out after fogging
- Then rinse your mouth with mouthwash (we make our own with Dead Sea salt and clove essential oil) and use natural toothpaste (we also make it at home from coconut oil, zeolite, turmeric, and essential oils)
- We do it in the morning, before breakfast
- The oil at the end of the mist should be white and watery. If necessary, you can change the oil to a new one within twenty minutes.
What oil?
Cold coconut or sesame oil.
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