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ZeoZoe tablets

Dental tablets are an alternative method of dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth with tablets is an excellent way to keep your oral cavity in perfect condition. The tablets do not contain fluoride nor any other chemicals and additives that are common in conventional toothpaste.  For thousands of years,  people were brushing their teeth with fine powders. We have rediscovered this ancient method and gave it a modern twist by creating tablets that are a practical way of tooth brushing. 

In combination with sage and mint, our product provides not only mechanical cleaning and removal of tartar but also prevention against the formation of tooth decay and gingivitis. The fine abrasive properties of zeolite do not damage tooth enamel.  The tablets also have effective whitening properties. Thanks to mint and sage your breath will be fresh for a long time so you can smile all day long :) 

Dental tablets 90g

Dental tablets 90g

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