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Dental tablets 90g

  • Dental tablets 90g
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Dental tablets- peppermint

About the product

Dental tablets are an alternative method of dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth with tablets is an excellent way to keep your oral cavity in a perfect condition. Tablets do not contain fluoride, nor any other chemicals that you can usually find in conventional toothpaste. Our product uses the extraordinary properties of natural zeolite powder. In combination with sage and mint, it provides not only mechanical cleaning and tartar removing but also prevention against the formation of tooth decay and gingivitis. It does not damage the tooth enamel. 

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral. It is one of the most powerful absorbents in nature. Thanks to its extraordinary qualities, it absorbs different harmful elements, pathogenic organisms, toxins, heavy metals. Zeolite regulates the pH levels in our bodies. It removes acidity that directly threatens tooth enamel. It also reduces tartar. ZeoZoe does not react chemically, it does not have any contraindications, it does not leave any stains nor coating on the teeth.

SAGE (Salvia officinalis)

It provides dental products anti-inflammatory properties. During the application, active substances are released from the herb, and through the oral mucosa, they enter the bloodstream. Sage acts prophylactically; it prevents gingivitis, helps to heal any oral inflammations, re-builds tissue, and finally reduces pain.

PEPPERMINT (Mentha piperita)

Peppermint provides dental products with a fresh aroma and a cooling effect. Peppermint is an antiseptic. While it heals inflammations, it also activates the blood circulation, supports the outflow of pollutants and cell exchange.

Talc, Rice Starch

Talc and rice starch are natural substances that maintain the appearance and the structure of the tablets.

How to use ZEOZOE

Apply the tablet into your mouth. Wet the toothbrush with water. Bite the tablets. Proceed with brushing as usual. Rinse afterward. Don´t forget to smile :)

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